Best Work at Home job I have been able to come up with…I’ve searched for months.

I have been searching for the best way to make money online for months…I am unemployed, broke, and a stay at home mom…so needless to say, I have devoted Hours upon Hours of time to this research.
I’ve literally researched everything from Click bank and other affiliate marketing to blogging to advertising and I’ve looked into almost every MLM work at home company out there. 
It’s overwhelming to say the least!
Anyway, moving on…”I finally found a good way to make CA$H that’s not a scam!”.  That’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  I have a friend that has been doing it for four years on the side and makes really good money.  He doesn’t even use the internet, so imagine the possibilities if we computer gurus start doing it…It’s gonna be GREAT!  I’m excited.
To know more, send a message to and I’ll send you the info, no strings attached.
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If you love your dog as much as we do, you seriously need to watch this video.  How many times in the past few years has there been dog food recalls that have killed pets all over the world?  This is getting totally ridiculous. I am sick of worrying if the treats and food that I PAY GOOD MONEY FOR are safe and healthy for my dog.  They’re using dead dogs and cats that have been euthanized to make pet foods.  WHAT???  I’m sick to my stomach after watching this.  I’m done, I’m making my own dog food from now on.

Watch this to see what I’m all SICK TO MY STOMACH about. Click Here!

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List of the best places to make money online from home!!!

If you are like me, you are having a hard time finding a way to make money online.  Most work at home mom jobs that I find online are not legit.  Click the link to find over 1000 SCAM FREE work at home online jobs.  Click Here!


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As Seen On Tv. Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes At Home!

Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes At Home with this great cookbook.

Click Here!

America's Restaurant Recipes

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Easy ways to save time!

Things that will save time…my life is so hectic and it’s because I am unorganized. 

I could learn a thing or two from this post. 

1.      Buy all groceries in one weekly trip.  This would not only save me time, but money as well.  My grocery store gives out fuel perks on every $50 spent.  I go to the store about 3 times a week.  Lesson to learn…make a list, go one time, and reap the rewards.  I could be at home cleaning my house instead of grocery shopping all the time.  Let the good times roll!  Ha

2.      Rinse the dishes you idiot!  “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. I only realize that rinsing is a necessary when I’m washing the dishes or taking them out of the dishwasher DIRTY!  ERRRR…nothing makes me angrier (well that’s not true, but it does aggravate me).  Smart people RINSE, RINSE, RINSE!!!

3.      Lesson #3…File Important paperwork…and it is wise to put the files all together.  I file paperwork throughout my house.  You can find it filed in old purses, coat pockets, in magazines by the toilet, under the couch…Heck, I probably have a few bank statements filed at the Goodwill.  If I put everything in one place I could save HOURS of time when I need to find a specific item. 

4.      PLAN and write down a to do list.  So much time is wasted on sitting around thinking…”What was it that I needed to do?”  UGH!  Write down what needs done (IN THE SAME PLACE) and reference it when you have time.  I always write down what needs done but then I lose the lists.  Hanging a white board on the fridge or wall would help.

5.      STOP PROCRASTINATING!  Fb will be here tomorrow.  Get off the Gee GOLLY computer and get moving.  This house ain’t gonna clean itself! 

clean house

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3 Simple Ways We Cut Monthly Costs


Are you stressing out over not having money to make ends meet?  Try these 3 simple cost cutting tips that have helped us!

First of all grab your checkbook or bank statements and sit down and figure out where you are spending most of your money.  Is it on clothing, dining out, entertainment, ect…?  Becoming aware of what you spend too much of your money on is the key to saving and fixing the problem.

One way we have cut down on spending is we have stopped eating out at expensive restaurants.  In the past my husband and I would spend $50 a meal eating out.  We sometimes ate out 2 or 3 times a week.  Now we only eat out a few times a month at places under $30 for our entire family.  We choose places like Subway, Chinese buffets, diners, and pizza shops.  If we do happen to find ourselves eating at an expensive restaurant, we try to order water and get a cheaper meal.  Just doing this simple thing has saved us over $200 a month.

Another way we have cut down on our spending is I have stopped shopping at the mall.  If I want that designer pair of jeans, I go to the mall, try them on to make sure I know the exact size and style I want and then I go home.  I then go online and search for store coupons, coupon codes, competitor’s prices, and EBay to find the best deal.  I do most of my clothes shopping at stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross.  I am a true Maxxanista!  I also shop at Consignment stores and Thrift shops.  I have found them to be great way to save money on clothes especially children’s clothing.

Another way I lowered our monthly spending was by calling all of our utility companies and asking for a better rate.  I called our cable company, insurance companies, garbage, and telephone companies (home and cell) and yes we still have a landline.  I was in shock by how much I brought our monthly bills down by just asking.  I barely changed anything and I even ended up with a better cable package for less than we were paying.  Can you say RIDICULOUS?  I was almost angry when I got off the phone and sat and thought about it.  The thought that they have been charging me so much for so long and I could have had a better deal for less was just aggravating.

What are some of the ways that you have cut your monthly spending?  I’d love to hear them.

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